Top 11 best biking routes for you in Portland

Known as the city of bikes, Portland has over 350 miles of bike-ways ready to be explored. If you’re interested in Portland’s bike culture and want to visit the city on your bike, here are the top 11 best biking routes for you in Portland.

Gateway green

The recently-built park is becoming one of the best locations for bikers. With broad landscapes and a wide variety of single-track trails, the park is a famous spot for bikers and skaters. On the other hand, the area is also quite accessible since it’s positioned between the I-206 and I-84. You can stop by if you’re on the I-205 using multiple routes. It would be a good idea to take a look at the place when you’re on your highway ride.

Willamette river loop

If you’re aiming for a simple and relaxing cruising experience, then the river loop at Willamette would be a great place to start. Follow the flat route through the Lake Oswego (and maybe have a taste at the local breweries), you’ll trailing along the Terwillinger Boulevard where you can enjoy beautiful sceneries from the iconic tri-bridge crossing at Willamette.

Mountain view trail

If you’re looking for more liberate routes, it would be nice to take a look at the Powell Butte Nature Park. Experience the majestic open fields and green grasses, or testing your limit with the though Mount Hood mountain trail. You can follow the main road or choose to explore dozens of small passages that leads to all kind of wonders.

Southeast Portland neighborhoods

Cycling in the city will never be a problem here in Portland. There would be no furious driver honking at you or any idiot try to block your way. Follow the 13 miles of the Southeast Portland neighborhood, you’ll be enjoying the impressive sceneries of endless trees lining up along the road and the uniquely designed houses. Feels like you’ve just stepped in another world. However, since it’s a famous cycling location, the streets might be a little crowd on certain days.

Marine drive path

The route starts at the famous Kelly Point Park will take you along the Columbia River and ends at the beautiful Blue Lake Park. Along the journey, you can enjoy your time cruising through the Columbia River bank where mild wind breezes tickle and cuddle your hair. And whenever you’re tired, just stop rest, and admire the spectacular Mount Hood by gazing from distances.

West hills climbing

Up for a real challenge? Why don’t try to test your limit at the West hills to see how far you can go? The route usually takes for about 15 minutes of intensive hill climbing, if you’re still curious about having burning lungs, we highly recommend you try it.

Aside from the stressful hills, you can still enjoy the satisfying view from the mountains to downtown Portland. And if you’re thirsty after those intensive cycling, why don’t take a break at the nearby breweries to grab yourself a couple of their delicious energy drinks.

Sellwood bridge loop

More of a restful person? Don’t you worry, we’ve got just the right route for you. The short loop at Sellwood bridge should be perfect for someone who’s looking for a muscle-free experience. All you’ve to do is cruising around the bridge and enjoy the caring wind breezes from the river.

Skyline Boulevard to Sauvie Island

The all-in-one tour trip is perfect for any tourist who wants to explore the city of Portland. Awing at the beautiful houses at the Northwest Skyline Boulevard, then follow the road to reach the famous Sauvie Island Bridge to take a look for the first time at the unique gold-and-green fields. And if you still have time, why don’t rest your back and enjoy the majestic farmlands next to Mount Hood.

Banks to Vernonia state trail

And if you prefer a straight route, the Banks to Vernonia state trail should be your first priority. The road has a long history back to the early 20 centuries. It was originally an old rail line which served as the main transportation for goods and essentials. The lumber industry also owns a lot to their old track.

Despite being dismantled long ago, the trail is still a famous spot for bikers, hikers, and skaters to enjoy nature and learn a thing or two about history. However, just make sure you’re well-prepared since the route is located in a relatively remote area.

Tryon Creek to Lake Oswego

This trail takes you through the Tryon Creek State Natural Area and would require a day to complete, so make sure you’ve prepared all the essentials. You’ll arrive at Lake Oswego, one of the most beautiful suburb areas in the region. Enjoy a complete day in nature and away from the city and other vehicles.

Rocky Butte and Mount Tabor

Enjoy the scenic nature of Portland by cycling through all the great travel locations around the city. Start at the Rose Way then stop by at the Rocky Butte park for a little rest. Then travel to the Rose City Park to head down to Mount Tabor and finish at the Sunny Side avenue. You can have a throughout 360o view of the three famous mountains of Mount Hood, Mount St. Helen’s, and Mount Adams.