Bike Classification

In recent years, cycling has become a trend, more and more people who live in big cities are joining the cycling groups. There is some basic knowledge about a bicycle that you need to know, but in the market, there are many types and models of bicycles for many kinds of users, many ages, so the first thing you need to know bicycle classification.


We can distinguish according to the function of use:

Road bike

designed to ride on a flat, paved road, go fast, has a slender frame and has tires that are thinner than other models to reduce weight to minimum and exposure to the road surface. The front fork is synthetic carbon, no front or rear shock absorbers. The frame is constructed to create aerodynamic posture when sitting to reduce friction and reach high speed.


The only advantage of racing bikes is the speed when traveling on a flat road


Racing bikes don’t have fenders. Tires and cover are quite thin so it is easy to tear or leak when encountering obstacles. Road bike’s frame is designed so thin that it is less effective to go on bad and bumpy roads. In addition, the price of this line is also quite expensive. The price of racing bikes depends heavily on the weight of the bike, the lighter the weight, the more expensive the price.

Mountain bike

is constructed with big tires and shock absorber to optimize the ability of movement on the terrain. This bike speed is not as fast as a road bike and you will have to sit higher with the handlebar straight. The price of a mountain bike is usually softer than a road bike, however, you should consider when choosing to buy convenience when using in the city.

Types of a mountain bike: Mountain bikes are divided into smaller division, suitable for each object as well as specific terrain types, there are two main types of structure: Full-suspension: Full enough shock absorbers front and rear, moving smoothly but quite heavy; Hard-tail: Only equipped with a single shock absorber at the front of the bicycle, not suitable for over rough terrain. Common types of a mountain bike: Cross-Country bike or XC bike (also known as cross-country), Trail, All-Mountain – Enduro bike, Free-ride bike, Downhill bike (downhill)


High friction with the road surface helps it run well on rough and sloping terrain. Thick tires limit flat tire in the middle of the road. The straight handlebar reduces fatigue more than the bent posture of the road bike.


Due to the weight of this mountain bike is relatively heavy, so when running on the road will be slow and energy-consuming for the user. Users often have to add mud fenders to the front and behind wheels.

Touring bike

A Touring bike is designed very suitable for those who want to go on a trip. A touring bike has good load capacity, can carry luggage for long trips. However, this bike’s style is not eye-catching.

Hybrid bike

As a combination of road and mountain bikes, the city bike (Hybrid bike) has a versatile design, so it can be used both in urban and suburban. With the slender frame, smooth tires, front shock absorber, a hybrid bike is a good choice to go in the city with high speed and comfort. Because of owing the advantages of both road and mountain bike, a city bike will go faster than a mountain bike on short and flat roads, and can easily overcome rough roads than a road bike.


lightweight, easy to handle, can overcome rough roads but still achieve the necessary speed. The neck angle is narrow, the acceleration is less than the road bike but it is easy to control and change direction. It has straight steering which helps to create an upright position and has a mudguard.


Despite the relatively optimal design, but city bikes (Hybrid bike) is not the appropriate choice to climb or conquer rough terrain.

BMX bike

This type of bicycle is developed to close the gap between motocross and bicycle. BMX is a bike with many advantages, it is used to perform both indoors and outdoors. This is a simple bike because it does not require a lot of wheels and chainrings. Performance bikes also have the same parts as regular bikes but their sections are quite compact in size. Handlebar, head tube fork, and brakes are specially designed for acrobatics, performing stunts. This is the bike that is often intended for young people who prefer extreme sports.

Folding bike

Designed in a smart and simple form, these bikes feature flexible, compact, foldable to save space. In general, this type of bike is not as popular as other types

Fixed gear bike

Fixed gear is a bicycle with a minimal structure of details, absolutely no brakes, threads, fenders or stands. The unique feature of Fixed Gear is that it is possible to use different types of handlebars depending on the characteristics or driving style. As a strong personality and fashionable bike, fixed gear is now becoming the trend of young people who love to explore.

Those are the most popular bikes. Besides, there are some other models such as cyclo-cross bike, flat-bar road bike, time trial bike, triathlon bike, ….