Cycling Accessories

Cycling has become a rampant means of travelling with many people trying to avoid environmental pollution to combat climate change to save the ailing planet and prevent congestion in towns. Cycling also keeps you in shape and makes you the best version of yourself. The US census report conducted in 2014 indicates a cycling increment of up to 60%. Just having a good bike is not enough. There is more to it than anyone would imagine. If you already have a bike, some essential accessories can help increase your comfort and security when riding.

Cycling Accessories

Turn Signal Commuter Backpack

When riding at night, a person is exposed to several risks, and it is possible to look for the best way of averting them. Cycling in the dark makes one anxious because you are left to wonder if drivers are even aware that you are on the road. You can increase your visibility by wearing a turn signal commuter backpack that contains an LED signal arrow. The backpack is waterproof, and a wireless remote is used to control the directions of the arrow.

Bluetooth Bike Lock

It is not fun to keep on wondering about the security of your car. It feels like observing your car getting towed. It is vital to enhance the security of your bike by acquiring a Bluetooth lock. The lock is connected to iOS or Android that triggers the lock to unlock when you are in range and sets off the alarm. Also, the alarm is set off, and the phone buzzes when someone tampers with the alarm. The Nulock waterproof Bluetooth bike lock can serve this purpose. It is made of durable steel that makes it hard to disassemble.

Water Resistant Saddle Bag

A commuter backpack is excellent for your safety, but a saddlebag can help eliminate the material and weight off your back when riding. The bag is easily strapped under the seat, and it has enough space to hold items such as a pump among others. The bag has a light hanger where you can fix a taillight to increase your visibility at night.

Bike Tail Light

The taillight is essential even if you only use your bike during the day. Most people tend to ride during the day, but up to 80% of bike accidents happen nonetheless. Consider a tail light like the Bitzu Cyborg that uses LED technology, making it ultra-bright and highly visible during the day. The light can be charged using a USB, and it is also water-resistant. Consider a backlight that can serve you well and does not inconvenience you when you need it the most.

Turn Signal

A turn signal tail light makes your ride even better. It can keep its charge for over half a day before it can be recharged. Moreover, it makes use of a handlebar remote that indicates the direction to which you want to turn. The signal then starts to flash, indicating your direction; hence the drivers behind you can know your move before you make it leading to fewer accidents.

Bike Cup Holder

A bike cup holder can help easily hold your Starbucks, making the ride fun and comfy. It has a mount that is screwed on the handlebars making it firm. The holder can hold a wide range of water bottles, to-go cups and coffee cups.

Bike Phone Mount

There is no difference between texting while driving and texting while riding because it is bad in both cases. Consider purchasing a phone mount that can be screwed on the handlebars to make your hand free of GPS directions, music and calls, thus increasing your security when riding. Furthermore, it can be used for longer trips because it is possible to transfer it to your car. Make sure that you acquire a steady one that does not inconvenience you on stop and go traffic or on bumpy roads.

Smart Bike Compass

A smart compass is essential when google maps do not work for you. You can go for Beeline smart compass that is waterproof, sleek and easy to attach on the handlebars. It makes use of a smartphone application to track down the user location. The compass has an arrow on its screen that indicates the correct direction to which you should go. This compass has a distance tracker, speedometer and a clock.

Tire Pump

A professional biker always knows that a pump should not be left behind because your tire can go flat at any time. You can acquire the Vibrelli floor pump. This pump contains a puncture kit, rapid T valve, and a gauge. It ensures that you do not get stranded along the way.

A Helmet

There are very many types of bike helmets in the market. However, you should go for the kind of a helmet that should protect you from injuries. Go for the kind of helmets that make use of the patented fit system and a shock absorption technology. You can also consider the kind that disperses energy on impact.

Bike Cover

It is critical to ensure that your bike does not get dusty, rusty or wet. Consider acquiring a waterproof anti-UV cover. This kind of cover ensures that your bike is safe from all sorts of weather. It exists in diverse sizes and has a hole at the front to facilitate locking.

Waterproof Gloves

Along the way, you need the kind of gloves that can keep you dry and warm. Waterproof gloves for cycling are the best gloves that you should go for. They ensure that you are free from the cold chilly mornings when you go riding and protects you from the rain if it happens to rain as you ride.

Water Bottle Cage

In every outdoor activity, it is vital to stay hydrated. You need to have a water bottle with you whenever you ride. An aluminium water bottle cage might be a great option. An aluminium water bottle cache has bolts for secure attachment on the frame. It also made of stainless steel and is sturdy due to its oval design.


Bike accessories are just like car accessories. They are meant to make your ride safe and comfortable. There are numerous bike accessories that you can buy. However, you should go for the ones that make riding easy and convenient for you. Some of the accessories that you might need include a water bottle cage, a helmet, tire pump, compass, a bike phone mount, cup holder, tail light waterproof gloves, and a saddlebag among others.