Cycle Seen Jury

Carye Bye, letter press and print artist
more info about Carye at Red Bat Press

Ayleen Crotty, Festival Director of Filmed by Bike, works with ORBike, an amazing advocate for cycling in Portland, host of the Kboo Bike Show and a founder of Shift2bikes.

Nikki Kress, painter and cycle enthusiast. more info about Nikki at nikkikress-com

Jonathan Maus, Editor of BikePortland-org

Rachel Siegel, Cycle Seen Team. Artist and Educator.
Contact: cyclcseen.info —
more info about Rachel at radiantflux-com

What is Cycle Seen?:photo by Rachel Siegel Cycle Seen is an exhibition of photographs and documentation representing the bicycle culture in the Portland Metro area. This project is a celebration of the bike community through pictures. Portland has an astonishingly diverse and unique community of cyclists ranging from daily commuters to bike performance groups. Various subcultures such as bike builders, road bike enthusiasts, bike messengers, safety and bike advocates all thrive in Portland to make up the dynamic mix of Portland’s Bike Culture. The exhibition showcases photographs and illustrations that represent cycling in PDX over the last two years, including a combination of materials from invited photographers/artists and images selected from a juried call for submissions. The exhibition has been curated into themes for each location. In addition 3-D pieces are features at two location: A Better Cycle exhibiting Ghost Bike Tribute installation and Guardino Gallery Window Gallery showcasing Matt Cartwright’s Metal bike sculptures.