Top 8 reason why Portland is the best place in the world for bikers

For those who’re tired from breathing the intoxicating atmosphere of the industrialized cities around the world, changing their main transportation to bikes is a reasonable solution. However, for many reasons, this could not be applied due to the current situation.

Meanwhile, in Portland, people are switching to a healthier lifestyle by riding on their bike instead of other automobile vehicles. This help reducing the city pollutant level, giving both the children and adult a more refreshed atmosphere with clean air.

Find out about Portland’s bike culture and the reasons behind their successes with our article.

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Everyone ride on their bikes

If you spend time on the streets of Portland, you can easily notice that many people choose to ride on their bikes instead of other vehicles. People with all ages ride on their bikes, students on their way to school, small children riding on their training wheels, adults riding to work, and even politicians have their own bikes to ride every day.
This creates the unique Portland’s bike culture where bikers become a friendly and supportive community. They also co-op well with other vehicles when traveling on the road.

Developed biking infrastructures

The infrastructures in Portland play an important role in making the city a biker’s utopia. The streets come with bike lanes and sidewalk racks that allow for more convenient and comfortable cycling experiences. On top of that, the city also has its own bike traffic signals for its crowded bikers population.
In additions, they also built public bike maintenance facilities where bikers can have support at any time. The U-fix-it bike station allows bikers to fix their bikes on their own, completely free of charge. The station comes with multiple components and accessories ready to be replaced on your bike. In additions, they also provide multiple tools for fixing any part of your bike, from a flat tire to a broken handlebar.

And for those who’re looking for a parking slot, this should be the last thing you need to worry when cycling in Portland. Due to the developed biking culture, every store or public place has its own parking lot for bikes.

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Accessible bikes

You can easily find yourself a bike here in Portland since they’re extremely accessible. There are countless bike shops around your neighborhood to look for a new bike. They even have a bike path that reaches to the terminal and a “bike assemble” area for bikers who wish to bring their bike with them when arriving at Portland. No need for a taxi, you just need to spend a couple of minutes to ready your bike.

Scenic routes for bikers

There are already dozens of different routes for bikers in Portland, both in the city and in the surrounding areas. With over 350 miles of bikeways, you’re free to explore the city any time you want. In additions, there are still undiscovered routes readied for the adventurous people.
You can enjoy your time cruising around the city and enjoy the unique scenery of the Southeast Portland neighborhoods where houses are interestingly designed and decorated. Or, spend time awing at the majestic mountains around the city in an off-road journey.

A bike shop per mile

And if you’re not very good with fixing stuff, there will always be a local bike shop that’s just right around the corner. You can quickly get help and back on the road in no time. These are usually not a superstore for bikes, however, you can find almost anything you need for your journey.
And if you want to look for new bikes, there are always big stores in the city that offer a wide variety of bikes for different price points.

Minimum records of bike-related accidents

If you’ve been cycling in big cities from all around the world, you’re probably aware of the dangers for cyclists to travel on the road with other big vehicles. The reason being that when you’re on the bike, it’s hard to see around you, especially when you need to focus on the road ahead first. Hence, having too many cyclists on the road might cause a little bit of chaotic for the traffic.
However, during our trips to Portland, we noticed that the traffic is always safe even when in rush hours. Both the drivers and bikers have learned to cooperate really well. In additions, the developed infrastructures also help to maintain safe rides.

Incredible bike arts

You can easily find the unique and interesting bike arts in everywhere of Portland. The people have turned the bike culture into an iconic feature of the city with countless bike arts that take the form of multiple objects.

A fence that is made with old bikes, a bike with a decorated flower pot, a wall filled with bike paintings and arts, and so on. This makes Portland standout from any other city that we’ve been too. It’s a place where biking can become an art.

Unique bike bars

And every once in a while, you can meet up with your fellow bikers in the unique “bike bars”. Grab yourself a cup of your favorite beer as they’ve got many good breweries here in Portland. You find that the “bike bars” at Portland are so much different from other places in the country.
And that’s our top 8 reasons why Portland is the best place in the world for bikers.