Top 9 reasons why you should move to Portland

The city of Portland, Oregon is undoubtedly one of a few desirable places to spend your life. Up until 2015, the city is still a top moving destination according to CNN reports.

There are several reasons for this, including friendly people, clean environment, brilliant job opportunities, good food, and so on.
For those who’re looking for a reliable destination to move into, here are the top 9 reasons why you should move to Portland.

Amazing bike culture

First of all, the thing that might stun you is how much bikes there are in the streets of Portland. Everyone from all ages rides on their bikes and feeling extremely happy. You can find old people whose ages are probably more than me and you combine exercising on their bikes. Or children from the age of 2 riding on their mini bikes with training wheels.
With your bike ready, you can ride your bike to work, to the grocery store. In fact, you can even arrive at the party in your cycling short, boots, and jacket. It’s like the city has created a unique community for people of different ages who all have the same interesting in cycling.
The city is known to be one of the best city for bikers around the country. Hence, it’s like real-life heaven for bike lovers.

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Stunning sceneries

Not just Portland, the whole state of Oregon is known to have some of the most breathtaking sceneries for those who enjoy cruising. With 363 miles of coastline length, the people of Oregon have full access to almost 2000 different beaches to enjoy their day. You can spend your time laying down on the soft sand and enjoy the mild sunlight or sailing down the coast on your bikes.
Away from the city, Crater Lake National Park is just a few miles away. You can enjoy your time camping at Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the whole United States of America. Or take a look at the majestic volcanic mountain of Mount Hood.

A clean city with a healthy atmosphere

With a mild oceanic climate that brought a lot of humidity to the land, you find it raining a lot in Portland. This often cleanses the city and allowing for plants to grow even denser. It’s the rain that keeps the city lush and green with trees. This creates a fresh lung that breath healthy air to the population. In additions, Portland’s bike culture makes the city almost free of emissions. Hence, if you’re someone who loves going “green”, Portland should be the next city you move into.

Heaven for high-tech startups

Aside from the beautiful nature and interesting culture, Portland is also a wonderful place for tech startups. Like the Silicon Valley in California, the city has its own Silicon Forest which gathers large tech companies including Intel, IBM, Tektronix, and many more.
If you want to be next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, you don’t need to go all the way to California. You can still enjoy the refreshing atmospheres while riding to work on your bike, here in Portland.

Enjoy tax-free shopping

It is one of a few cities in the country that allows for no sales tax. Hence, it’s a shopaholic paradise. On top of that, the business culture is also quite impressive. All stores treat their customer with respect, care, and responsibility. In fact, you’ll receive your exact change up to the last penny, instead of having to unwillingly take a piece of gum as a compensation.

Have a taste of high-quality wines at Willamette Valley

For those who’re looking for that wonderful wine flavors, you can try all you want at the wineries of Willamette Valley. The rich and fertile soil of Oregon give birth to some of the most delicious grapes with many world-class vineyards at the region. With over 500 wineries in the area, just make sure you have time to try them all.
Moreover, during every spring and summer, you can also enjoy other freshly-harvested crops at the local roadside stands.

Drink all the beer that you want

Not just wine, the fertile soil of Oregon also produces the finest ingredients for many large beer companies. With over 230 brewing companies and more than 261 brewing facilities, the city of Portland and the state of Oregon have one of the biggest beer industry in the whole country which contribute over 4.5 billion dollars a year.

Friendly community

With an awesome biking culture, beautiful nature, delicious drinks, and a highly-developed economy as well as technology, it’s not surprising that the people here are relatively happy with their lives. As a result, they have one of the friendliest and supportive community here in Portland, Oregon.
If you want to look for a city that you can spend your whole life in, then Portland should be your first priority.


On top of that, since the city is developing fast, newcomers are always welcome. You can get to Portland from any place in the country with good accessibility. Just make sure you have the qualities and determinations to be a part of this wonderful community.